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Couchsurfing : ce que pensent mes hôtes ...

20 Août 2012 , Rédigé par Didier Publié dans #Couchsurfing

Le site de Couchsurfing permet à chacun de laisser des références. Ceci est très utile lorsqu'on fait des recherches, dans un sens comme dans l'autre.

En voici quelques unes de mes hôtes :

  • Larry : Didier was a pleasure to host. I would gladly have hosted him for many more days. He was a gracious guest, a good sport about everything, and a good sight-seeing companion. I really appreciated his company as we explored parts of Brooklyn. We saw things that I had not seen before (despite having lived 38 years in Brooklyn) and visited some places that I haven't been to for a long time. And of course I always appreciate the opportunity to practice my French! I do hope to see Didier on my next trip to Paris!

  • William : Didier is a very nice person to host. Very gracious indeed. He's the kind of surfer we need more of.

  • Dimitry : What a pleasure it was to have Didier visit with us! He is funny and outgoing and has great travel stories. I am eager to visit Paris and to meet him and all his friends there!

  • Darius : Didier is among the most kind, gentle, polite, respectful and appreciative surfers we have had stay with us. Wonderful guest with a very easy vibe.

  • David : I really enjoyed my time with Didier. He is a very respectful and easy-going person. I am also very glad to find that he is open to adventures! He cleaned after himself and was a perfect guest. He set a new standard for an ideal surfer in my book. Didier, you are always welcome to visit SF again and stay with me! I also hope to see you soon in Paris! :)

  • Chris & Joel : he's awesome! We stayed with them first in Paris---such an amazing time. And then Didier came to LA --stayed with us 2 days. We were sad to see him leave. really cool guy, full of experience, independent, and adventurous, a really good friend to us now. XOXoxoxo

  • Mike : I hosted Didier for a night. Unfortunately I worked so we didnt' spend much time together, but I gave him the key to my place and it was no problem. Trustworthy good guest.

  • Patrick : Was fortunate to host Didier and got to do tons of stuff together in SD...farmer's market, Cityfest, karaoke, awesome beach day and some great food! Very open minded and great to talk to. If I make it to Paris, I'll definitely look you up.

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